MediShield Life – Everyone is asking, Simi lai eh?

As you may already know…or not, Medishield Life coverage has kicked in for all 3.9 million Singaporeans and Permanent Residents as of 1 November. You may claim that the government did not disseminate the information properly but don’t bluff lah. You were simply just too lazy to visit the gahmen websites and mainstream media.

In fact, Straits Times even has answers to 101 frequently asked questions.  101 questions! I thought it is frequency asked questions, not every single question asked…but I digress.

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Then of course, there is a dedicated website from the Ministry of Health.

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We looked over the website actually and as it turns out, it is not an easy thing to understand. In fact, even Marine Parade GRC MP Fatimah Lateef had actually indicated that that educating the public on MediShield Life and its details is a long-term process that will involve a multi-pronged approach.

To further add on, we heard that on the ground, there is more confusion regarding how MediShield Life works. Never smoke you, hear are actual comments on the government’s REACH Singapore FB page.

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Even Ah Loong feels Medishield Life is important enough to post on his Facebook page together with another edition of his #GuessWhere.

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But we know Singaporeans are time poor and frankly bochup so let us try to help you understand Medishield Life.

Step 1:
What is Medishield Life?
It is a new compulsory basic health insurance scheme administered by the Government’s Central Provident Fund Board. It replaces the now defunct Medishield and will help you pay your hospitalisation bills.

Step 2:

Read the following 2 infographics.

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Step 3:

Go to a free MediShield Life consultations at a CC near you. For more info, click here.

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Of course such a good thing, cost more right? Don’t worry about the premiums, Health Minister Ah Gan declared that “It is our policy to make sure that everyone can afford MediShield Life, and that it will always cover every Singaporean. That is the basis on which we designed MediShield Life.”

Healthcare is not cheap. How many times have you heard of families going into debt or selling the roof over their because of medical bills. In our opinion, as complicated as it is, it is a goldie and goodie from gahmen.

Mr Teh Terik

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  1. Agree. From this ST article: Insurance agents taking tests on MediShield Life

    Unlike those in the Pioneer Generation, who have special ambassadors to help them understand the new scheme, people in their 40s and 50s need targeted help, said West Coast grassroots leader Chan Huan Chong.


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