Exposed to the haze – Our Cardboard Collectors

Have it occured to you that uncles and aunties are still collecting cardboard under hazy conditions? This is the inconvenient truth.


Saw this uncle pushing his trolley at Tanjong Pagar; with a face mask hanging around his neck – you can’t really see the mask from the angle it was taken. I sat at the bus stop and paused.

My thoughts brought me back to a recent conversation I had with a friend.

 “Do you genuinely believe that cardboard collectors want to collect cardboards?”

My friend and I are both in our late 20s and for us; we certainly do not want to work when we become frail. Not as a blue-collar worker.

Is this the case of different generation, different mind-set?

Are the cardboard collectors too paisei to admit that they need the money thus refuse help available? A million and one questions are raised 1) Do they really need help? 2) What are their children doing? 3) Why is the government not helping them? 4) Why are they in such a state?

Why this, why that?

What I am concern now is the health of the uncles and aunties collecting cardboards. Give them face masks, will they wear them? They won’t; just like the pump attendants from SPC (btw, no concrete reply from SPC on the request to look into the helping their pump attendants who are exposed to haze).

As we progress, there is still much to be done. Much more we can all do. 



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