2 horse-race for the Prime Minister’s seat 

As of now, the race for the Prime Minister’s role is between 2 candidates …..

Let us look at look at the profiles of ESM and PM Lee to determine if we are able to pick up any criteria for the next Prime Minister.

Goh Chok Tong

  • PM from 1990 – 2004.
  • 49 years old when he became PM.
  • Led 3 elections, 91, 97 and 01.

Lee Hsien Loong

  •  2004 – current.
  • Aged 52 when he became PM
  • Spearheaded 3 elections too, 06, 11 and the recent #GE2015.

Both ESM and PM Lee were around 50 years old when appointed and expected to serve at least 14 years. By 2020 or 2019(the next GE), PM Lee will be at least 67 years old – possibly passing the baton if there is a suitable candidate.

Strawberry generation

If selecting a young PM is a criteria, that would rule out our beloved #Tharman who is 58 this year. If PM chooses to stay for another 2 terms, I believe none of the senior cabinet members will be appointed into the hot seat.

Ong Ye Kun and Ng Chee Meng might be potential candidates if sufficient time is given to assess them.

PM did mention that the future of Singapore leaders are already in the cabinet and we are guessing that he will select a young PM leaving us with the below 2 choices.

Chan Chun Sing – Secretary General at NTUC, Minister in PMO and with experiences in MSF, MINDEF.

Heng Swee Keat – Current Finance Minister with experiences as PPS to the late Mr LKY, PS at MTI and minister of education.

Judging by their appointments, they are en route to the throne.

My guess is both CCS and HSK will be playing the waiting game. The strategy is to do enough in their respective portfolios and wait for the 1st party to make a big mistake or screw up.

Chan having the opportunity to lead big organizations like NTUC, PA, has a lot to show on his score card. Heng on the other hand will lead Singapore in and out of the next recession(coming to a theatre near you).

Who will be able to give that lethal punch?

Hopefully RTSN will still be around to write about the new PM.


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