Our pump attendants 

My heart goes out to the pump attendant uncles I met at SPC this morning.

Took my dad’s car for a joy ride on the condition I top up the petrol and pump the tyres. So…… While I was in the midst of filling the car tyre with air, one of the uncles asked: “why don’t you wear a mask”?

I told the uncle he should be the one wearing the mask! Not me!!!! I’m only here for a short period! We had a quick chat on the hazy conditions and I told him the haze might last for another month.

He has a N95 mask but wasn’t using it. He also mentioned that long exposure to the air causes irritation to the eyes.


I noticed that SPC has taken steps to assist their pump attendants, putting up posters informing customers that pump attendants might be indoors and they can reach out to the attendants if assistance is required.

Good initiative but without implementation, it is a failed initiative. 

There is no straight forward solution to this issue where pump attendants are exposed to haze as their job requires them to be outdoors.

Could SPC increase the manpower per shift so the employees can rotate and spend lesser time outdoors?

I have submitted my feedback to SPC.

Strawberry generation

Before I left the petrol station, the uncle smiled and waved goodbye to me. More thoughts on elderly blue collar working force came to my mind.

Jamie – Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

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