GE 2015 Recap: Polling Station at CCK 

Met up with a friend staying at CCK recently. He told me he had a hard time deciding who to vote for in CCK.

Like many young adults, he sees a need for opposition in the parliament and wants to vote for opposition. However, he feels PPP is ridiculous – although he admits that GMS managed to tug his heartstrings -after seeing GMS putting up election posters himself after nomination day.

His verdict? He doodled on PPP’s box.

He also mentioned that when he arrived at the polling centre, he saw a man arguing with the polling agents.

From what he gathered, a man and his mum went to the polling station. After verifying of identification, they processed to the registration counter.

While registering, the polling agent informed the mum that she has already voted and was not eligible. The mum couldn’t have voted as she arrived at the polling station with the son.

This was the big hoo-ha. Did the polling agent crossed out the wrong name?

After hearing the story, we had a discussion on how to prevent polling agent from crossing the wrong name. Yes, there are 4 eyes checking on the name to be crossed but we cannot eliminate human error.

We did not manage to come to a conclusion as we began talking about everything under the sun. Maybe computerizing the whole process should be the way forward.

Joe – Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

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