Simi Ang Kong Kia (Toy) Also SG50

As you may already be aware, this year is Singapore’s 50th year of independence, our Golden Jubilee. Our gahmen has kindly initiated a year celebrations with activities throughout the year.

According to the SG50 website, SG50 is a nationwide effort to celebrate our country’s 50th birthday in 2015, and to celebrate the Singaporean spirit – signifying that our dreams are not limited by the physical size of our island nation. So cheem. Must be written by a gahmen scholar. Anyway, it is not without its controversy. Remember the purchase of 50 sets of SG50 pianos (Steinway or you can just call it atas piano) for the Sing50 concert that cost $26,000 each.

Then, there is the Simi Sai Also SG50. Just google it. Everything and anything also got the SG50 branding . I posted on my facebook all the SG50 items I came across in one week but my gahmen service friend scolded me for being unpatriotic for making fun of the campaign which probably cost the gahmen millions and millions.

 Strawberry generation

Anyway, being a casual toy collector, I cannot help but notice that toys also kena the SG50 branding, so I present to you my Simi Ang Kong Kia Also SG50 list.

 HG RX-78-2 GUNDAM Ver. SG50

In celebration of Singapore’s 50th Birthday, Bandai Namco Asia has collaborated with acclaimed mechanic designer Kunio Okawara to create Singapore’s only SG50 Gundam Model Kit. The HG RX-78-2 GUNDAM Ver. SG50 will be available for sale at Takashimaya Square. In addition to the model kit, related SG50 Gundam merchandise will be available during the exhibition.

Strawberry generation


MOE’s SG50 “Building My SG” Building Bricks Set

More than 600,000 sets of LEGO bricks that can be built into three iconic Singapore landmarks will be given to students and teachers in commemoration of the nation’s Golden Jubilee, said the Ministry of Education (MOE).The Building My SG set features models of Cavenagh Bridge, Changi Airport and Gardens by the Bay — each representing a distinctive aspect of Singapore.

Even former Education Minister Heng Swee Keat had to urge students to value the 244-piece commemorative Lego set that has been given to them, as news surfaced that some are trying to sell them online. (Writer: Alamak!)

Strawberry generation


McDonalds SG50 Hello Kitty Collectibles

The fast food chain will be releasing six SG50 Hello Kitty plush collectibles as part of celebrations for Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.These specially commissioned collectibles include a Hello Kitty dressed as a Trishaw Uncle, a Durian Lover and a Samsui Woman (Writer: Can order online so no mad rush like the good old days.)

Strawberry generation


Singpost SG50 Hello Kitty Collectibles (Writer: Wah lau, who copy who)

SingPost is launching a set of Hello Kitty plush toys and stamps designed for Singapore’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

The SG50 soft toys come in five outfits: three Hello Kitty figurines are dressed in the traditional garb of cheongsam, baju kurung and sari; one dons an SG50 outfit, which is a red and white T-shirt with the logo “I love Singapore”; and the last one comes in a khaki colonial postman uniform, and holds a tiny letter.

Strawberry generation


Commemorative Singa Figurine in the NDP Funpack

The 15 Singa figurines in the set are styled after well-known and relatable character icons in Singapore, from members of the military family to others such as Student Singa, Doctor Singa, and even an NDP Singa. (Writer: These singa were given out in the NDP Funpack but can also be purchased individually or as a boxed set. There were rumblings that some of the GRLs went through the funpacks to collect the full set so some residents got their funpacks without the singa but I can neither confirm nor deny these accusations).

Strawberry generation



Limited Edition Commemorative SG50 Exclusive 100% BE@RBRICK, designed exclusively for the Nation’s Golden Jubilee Celebration A collaboration with 313@Somerset, Action City & Medicom Toys.

Strawberry generation


Thanks for reading my post. In the meantime, enjoy this cheesy video of SG50 Parody Song.

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Mr Ji Pa Ban – Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

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