GE 2015 Recap: ESM’s Antics Part 1 

Without ESM’s antics, GE2015 will be such a bore. His potshots at opposition may have given his Marine Parade teammates some scare; here is a quick recap of his rooster analogy.

Strawberry generation
ESM PK WP in the Great Rooster Analogy.

At the announcement of candidates conference, 26 Aug 2015:

Strawberry generation

the beginning

WP returned shots on 02 Sep 2015:

Strawberry generation

Yee Jenn Jong

Strawberry generation

Chen Show Mao

And ESM’s FB updates the next day caused RTSN to fall off our chairs.

Strawberry generation

Lol. They were long awake! Ahh, the rooster crows again.  #ThisOldMan is damn witty.

Strawberry generation

Jamie – Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

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