Observations at Bedok Stadium – Announcement of results; Divided We Rise 

The initial plan for RTSN team was to visit Hougang stadium and ogle at HTR but we were unable to find parking. Thus, we headed to Bedok stadium where MIW’s Marine Parade, East Coast team will be.

Strawberry generation

Here are some observations by RTSN:

1) A passerby shouted ‘Workers’ Party’, ‘Workers’ Party’. The security immediately went in and spoke to this ah Beng uncle in his 50s, your typical type WP supporter.
This uncle wanted to challenge the security but was held back by his friends.

We wasted 10 minutes waiting for something to happen.

2) A WP supporter went to the wrong stadium. LOL. He came late and sat beside Joe; started asking what are the results for Fengshan, Holland Bukit Timah, East Coast. Appeared nonchalant when the results were announced like RTSN.

Funny atas Uncle. We know you stay in East Coast but wanna support blues; go Hougang stadium lah!

You don’t know where home ground is mah?

3) Superhero spotted. Siao Ding Dong.

Strawberry generation

4) Divided We Rise – This happens when you have too many “teams” within a party. After the announcement of the winning candidate, the candidate(s) and entourage will leave after media coverage.
Where’s the team spirit? There’s no ‘I’ in a ‘TEAM’.

We believe the lack of team spirit and co-ordination will be the weaknesses of MIW. Yes, huge teams are difficult to manage; they need to find a way to be united.

More on our thoughts on MIW winning and some of her candidates in our next post.

Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

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