Thoughts after attending the rally at Serangoon Stadium

Once again, thoughts from our lenses. Screw MSM.

Strawberry generation

1)England very powerful – SL mentioned that it is hazy now but beyond the haze is a blue sky. Not bad sia. LTK stated that MIW are on cruise ships whilst most Singaporeans are on sampans. #NowPlayBoatNoMoreRooster

2)From eating Orh Luak to smelling Marine Parade. SL really wanna makan MP ah; to be frank, I’m not convinced with the quality of your team. Was at Serangoon Macs the other day and I saw Dylan sitting alone whilst some volunteers went to buy food. He didn’t even mingle with other blue activists sitting nearby – Seems stuck-up to me.

3)Crowd cheered again for Pritam. I really find this puzzling; is he really that well-liked? He tried to win Civil Servant votes by thanking them for processing his requests with biasness. Caught you! : )
Strawberry generation

4)Planting of volunteers to sound air horn. RTSN caught ya too! ; )

5)Chief LTK’s speech was not as impactful as 2011. 2011 I was blown away but this time round kinda boring.

6)Lastly, in my affinity with ice cream sellers; I believed many of us would have seen this little girl sleeping on the ice cream stall. Someone commented they had to bring the child along to make ends meet.
Strawberry generation

We may be too quick to judge.

One more day of battle before cooling day.

Joe – Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

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