FairPrice CEO – Seah Kian Peng

Kim has been pestering us to do a post on Mr Seah Kian Peng ever since some of us attended the CEO Dialogue he held with Kenny Yap. Here is a write up of CEO NTUC FairPrice and candidate for Marine Parade GRC for GE2015.
Strawberry generation

Kim meeting Mr Seah for the 1st time: When Kim first met Mr Seah for a work assignment; she knew he was the CEO of FairPrice. She assumed that meeting a CEO will be a daunting experience but it turned out otherwise, butterflies in the stomach flew away. Mr Seah is patient and welcoming; tried explaining many items to Kim in detail. In short, he is a nice uncle lah – hahaah.

Humble background: Based on what we gathered from Kim and read, he came from a poor background. His family was not rich and often had to rely on relatives to help.

As a child, he had to decide between taking a bus ride or a meal. His uniforms were often too tight and new clothes were only available once a year during Chinese New Year. He took on many jobs to get by.

Scholarship: Like many success stories out there, Kian Peng managed to get a scholarship and this lessen the financial burden on his family. His sisters also discontinued schooling so Kian Peng will be able to continue his studies – a decision that he remains very grateful for.

Strawberry generation  FairPrice: His role at FairPrice is to keep prices of necessities affordable and FairPrice being the biggest shareholder in the market is the price-setter. This prevents competitors from raising prices of our daily products.

His works at Braddell Heights: He is advocating for a caring society through various programs from – WeCare@Braddell Heights, food distribution, tuition for young children etc. He has also been championing for more paternity and maternity welfare.

Why write about Seah Kian Peng? He is a perfect example of misconception. People look at him, CEO, PAP member, he must be an elitist. Many Singaporeans, sadly, can only see with envious or assumption lenses. No one knew about his struggles, his hardship and what he takes to achieve what he is today. Do you know he sleeps around 4-5 hours every day?

RTSN’s request – Social Mobility: RTSN strongly believe in social mobility and we trust Kian Peng is on the same page. We hope to hear more from him on it. Only through social mobility can the vulnerables break the poverty cycle and we hope he can lead this.

Conclusion: The intention of this post is to let readers know not every Men in White member is an idiot or elitist. Yes, there are some running their mouth all over and zero EQ but don’t discount those that are genuine and has the correct heart.

(Photos from Kian Peng’s FB)

Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

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  1. Have your group done any survey or research and price comparison between Fairprice and other outlets. I am not referring to places like 7 Eleven and other more ‘upmarket’ supermarkets like Cold storage and Seng Seong for example. I am referring to the retail outlets in HDB estates or mum & pop run neighborhood shops. Even Fairprice does not dare claim to an across the board cheaper prices compared to such outlets.

    Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining about the products and services of Fairprice. I personally find it convenient shopping at its outlet since you can practically get most things under one roof esp. in the bigger supermarkets, but not all of its outlets.

    As for Seah himself, while I have nothing to comment about his job as the CEO, I do not find his role as an MP much to crow about, let’s just say from personal experiences and those of my neighbours. I shall leave it at that.


    • Hi Qiao Zhi,

      I agree that FairPrice might not be cheaper than some of the the local stores located at void decks. FairPrice has also indirectly caused certain businesses to close down.

      What FairPrice is doing is preventing a foreign player, say Carrefour, to come in and monopolize the SG market.

      If you want to share your experiences with him, do let us know. We intend to do a post on experiences with MP and can definitely use information from you.

      Thanks for commenting and have a good day.



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