Thoughts and Observations at WP’s Ubi Rally

Here are some points on WP’s rally at Ubi:

Firstly, use of anecdotes. Heard many speakers use anecdotes, Ron, Cheryl, Firuz but none of their personal stories struck a chord with me or the majority of non-English speaking audience. Their stories were too “mainstream”.

Next, Firuz needs to work on his speaking skills. He spoke monotonously and that was committing speech murder. No one wants to listen to a boring speech. I used the opportunity to get an ice cream : )

Strawberry generation
When Pritam appeared, I was surprised that the crowd cheered. Is he that popular? I met the WP team once at Lorong Ah Soo wet market and he walk passed me without smiling. That impression stuck with me. Further, “I only answer to my resident”.

My guess was there were around 5% Malays, 3% Indians, handful of non locals out of the 10,000 audiences yesterday.

A good crowd and another good move by the blues.

Strawberry generation

Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

Visit for more of our idiosyncrasies.


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