Observations at PAP Aljunied Rally

When RTSN writes serious stuff, not even a single soul bothers to read the article. When it comes to nonsensical rubbish, the outreach is good.
RTSN is very much in the same plight as MIW.

MIW held its rally at the field bounded by Defu Avenue 1, Defu Lane 10 and Tampines Road. As indicated in one of my earlier post, MIW rallies (since day 1) do not attract huge crowds. Unless the speaker is Mr Lee Kuan Yew.
Strawberry generation
Here is the lowdown of the rally.

Key Messages:
1) We heard you and will fight for you

2) The young and the old will be looked after – via education for the youth and PG package for the old.
Strawberry generation

1) Subtle Messaging by PM. Did not mention AHPETC but spoke about managing Town Councils well.

2) Crowd of around 1000, mainly activists and residents staying nearby – norm of MIW’s rallies.

3) Victor Lye did not have time for his speech. A friend that wants to be known as Mr Hum Sup informed us on this. Sigh, he is supposedly the pillar behind MIW’s PAP team and ministerial material – Eager to hear what he got to say.

4) PM managed to energize the crowd initially but long speeches do not go well with Singaporeans.

5) Mr Hup Sup also mentioned that Murali was quite inspiring – gotta watch the replay online to determine
ST reported – “Mr Pillai, a lawyer, delivered a forceful speech peppered with anecdotes about how the PAP team had persevered despite the cool – and sometimes hostile – reception from Aljunied residents in the aftermath of the 2011 polls”.

6) Rally did not attract much Hougang residents, lukewarm responses when Lee Hong Chuang spoke. His message – space for youth, upgrades and activists in Hougang. We know that it is an uphill battle.

Strawberry generation

Use of technology on slideshow of candidates.

Strawberry generation

Hardcore fan above

That’s all folks!

Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

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