Observations at Jurong Stadium – Ice Cream Party

Rally by Ice Cream party: Attracted a crowd of 500 and they didn’t even bother to give free ice creams!

So stingy lor.

It was an uneventful event peppered with soft cheers by roaming volunteers. Yawns.

What happened …

1)Backdrop arrived late and was displayed at about 1915 hours. Speakers did not start speaking and delayed the program for half an hour.

Cool, cool.

2)Emcee started the program with “good evening Singaporeans, good evening new citizens!” Subsequently, every SingFirst candidate started to attack foreigners.

Woah, where’s the chill pill?

Shooting one in the foot 

1)Chirag Desai claimed to be a true blue Singaporean Indian in his speech. He only uttered “vanakkam” and no other Tamil or any dialect languages Indians could relate to

: What can we say? Vanakkam?

2)Ice Cream made a statement about Singaporeans having to live underground due to influx of foreigners.

: MRT already so tough, soon will have some bike park, how to make Singaporeans live underground? Aiyoh.

3)They were critical at MIW’s Tanjong Pagar team for not fielding Malays. However, they didn’t mention any plans for the Malays.

Alamak. School boy mistake eh.

: Sian sia, I wasted my 1 hour here lor.

The below picture was taken one day after NDR(look at the right corner) when RTSN team was having lunching at the country club nearby.
Strawberry generation

Look, whose working? Yes, foreign workers.

Any Singaporeans willing to work and forsake the long weekend as a blue collar worker?

Not us.

Ouch, it hurts to be shot in the foot.

Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

Visit https://www.facebook.com/RiseofTheStrawberryNation for more of our idiosyncrasies.


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