Conversations with a rally goer 

Most people will be writing about the candidates, what they spoke about and all the boring stuff, Joe blogs about a chanced encounter: 

Strawberry generation  

After negotiating the slow heavy traffic along Upper Serangoon Road, I finally got a glimpse of the Hougang Rally. There was an insane number of turnouts.

The next headache was parking. It was already 2045 hours and I’m late for the rally…. Jamie is so going to kill me. 

It took me another 15 minutes before I got a lot at Blk 314 Hougang Ave 5.

I didn’t know which direction would lead me back to the rally site and I saw this lady walking out of the condominium opposite Blk 314. I asked for directions and she told me she was heading to the rally! Swee!

She has a very pretty face which makes me want to take a second look. Awwww.

We started chatting and I found out that she bought a condo in Hougang for 700k; her address is still registered in Serangoon with he mum.

Her thoughts on Marine Parade GRC was that it will be a walkover. Why? I definitely don’t think so!

The image of her face kept appearing in my mind and it seemed like a rally date. As we crossed the road and hit the rally site, she told me that she needed to look for her friend. An awkward bye and I saw her linking up with her friend.

I proceed to meet Jamie at the nearest HDB block with my heart left behind.

Strawberry generation

Some observations looking from the back of the rally:

1) Most of the supporters are blue collars uncles.

2) Clusters of youth identified

3) Hardcore supporters were stationed in front of the stage. The supporters amplified  what the speakers spoke. I hope the supporters understand the G’s framework.

All in all, another WP rally that attracted many supporters.

Ever wondered why MIW’s rallies do not have the same crowd? According to my grandpa … Only Kuan Yew can attract people…. And since day 1; MIW’s rallies have not been popular because people already know what they are offering.

Joe – Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

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