Conversations inside Kong Hwa School – Nomination Day

RTSN was at Kong Hwa Primary School on Nomination Day! With the rest of the 50 odd Singaporeans standing at the back of the camps’ supporters, we managed to speak to some of them on their thoughts and predictions.

Firstly, a girl (in her 20s) carrying a note book approached Jamie and said “Could I ask you for some of your thoughts? I am from the Online Citizen”. Hahahaha. Jamie told her straight that he dislikes alternate websites in a disgusted tone.

Poor girl, she seemed to be on hourly wages.

Strawberry generation
Next, Eliz managed to speak to an Indian uncle working at Singapore Power. He told Eliz that he has been working at Singapore Power for over 40 years and is happy at his job. He even offered to buy Eliz a drink…. Lol.

A backup generator was setup in case of power failure and he was part of the crew. Interesting ….. His prediction is PAP will still win and Marine Parade GRC remains with MIW. Hmmm… different thoughts from RTSN, we shall see.

Strawberry generation

Joe managed to speak a weird couple. Initially, the couple spoke about normal stuff like how NSP will collapse this GE and candidates will get disqualified if documents were not submitted by the 12pm deadline.

Subsequently, they raised unhappiness on the Liquor Control Act. They felt that this is the easy way out and G did not take other considerations. Joe asked whether they drink often and how this affected their lives; which they could not answer. The couple went on to compare Liquor Control Act to owning guns.

They feel that Singapore should allow gun ownership in order to for residents to protect themselves against the police. What if a police decides to strike you one day? How would you protect yourself? The couple also mentioned that Singaporeans should not rely on police and laws to keep citizens safe.

Uhhhhh; ok. Joe tried telling them the firearms industry is a lucrative billion dollar business thus it is harder to implement changes or make it illegal to own firearms. It fell on deaf ears.

Joe also tried explaining that the Liqour Control Act has effectively reduced drinking at void decks or common areas near HDB flats, which are the concerns of residents staying at lower floors (noise pollution) and the safety of children. This point did not register with them too.

It is tough living in their bubble.

There was another elderly uncle that was concerned over cost of living but do not wish to burden his son; thus he is still working. He is unhappy over the high medical costs. Valid concern given his age but there was nothing we can offer.

Strawberry generation
I believed many of them have a party in their heart.

Joe – Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

Quick notes:

1) Ratio of MIW supporters to the rest – 4:1

2) Battle of the loudest noise – Supporters started chanting their parties’ names. Not sure if this is the case of empty vessel.

3) Mr Chiam See Tong got the loudest cheer of the day.

4) There were many booing and Sitoh Yih Pin got the loudest.

5) Only opposition supporters can boo. My boo.

6) Speaker of the day – Jeanette Chong-Aruldoss. Spoke like a fearless tigress.

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