Conversation with a Joo Chiat resident

Rise of The Strawberry Generation RTSN team started our ground work at Joo Chiat late last year. We spoke to many residents asking them for their thoughts on Singapore and if they have advice for young Singaporeans.

We got turned down countless time and eventually, we met an uncle that spent a fruitful 20 minutes taking to us.

Strawberry generation

RTSN: Any thoughts on the future of Singapore?

: I am worried that PM LHL mentioned that half of Singapore leaders are in cabinet.

What have they done? No significant improvement yet and I hope to see more soon.

RTSN: What do you think are the issues Singapore is facing.

Uncle: Numerous. Bread and butter is the fundamental issue followed by job security and future.

Fundamentally is wrong. What can the G do about helping those getting 1,000 plus a month?

Uncle: The problem with Singaporean is they like to compare. No one would complain that he is poor. The rich always compare to the richer. Millionaire will compare to billionaire.

Uncle: Young man, let me ask you… Which is the number on airport in the world?

RTSN’s Jamie: Heathrow?

Uncle: No

RTSN’s Jamie: Seoul?

Uncle: It’s Dubai! – RTSN verified this over Google and indeed it was Dubai. 

Uncle: Do you know what is the reason of building T5? China can cut out our shipping route eventually.

It could be via a canal through Thailand or even a railway to Europe. Think!

Before we parted, RTSN asked what he felt on the AHPETC saga.

Uncle: It is a fund transfer and the account is in a mess. Do you know what is a fund transfer?

RTSN: Strawberries are not idiots. They’re edible.

Visit for more of our idiosyncrasies.


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