Auntie and Uncles battle for Aljunied GRC

The battle for Aljunied turns out to be a playground for auntie and uncles.

WP had announced that their Star Team would be staying put in Aljunied, meaning chief LTK would not venture out and attempt to take down another GRC.

Earlier, I guessed that he might step out of Aljunied but my next thoughts were that the support base has not stabilized; along with AHPETC saga – better to stay put.

Switching our focus to MIW’s team, there were a few changes made to the finalized team. 2 or 3 months back, the MIW representatives sent a newsletter to residents which I assumed that that team will be contesting headed by Victor Lye. Apologies, can’t remember the names of the remaining team mates but there was definitely a lady in the team – the issue here is residents don’t know the MIW’s representatives.

Subsequently there was a change in the Malay candidate and when the final announcement was made, Yeo Guat Kwang was part of the team.

My personal take is that Aljunied is still 50 50. I spoke to Victor Lye couple of months back(when he was at my estate) and when I asked him about his strategy, his reply was actions speak louder than words – he went on to mention he has been helping out vulnerable elderly actively.

Not sure how would that translate but Blues have also been doing a lot of ground work.

Is the White team the underdogs? I would believe so. A newly formed team and with Yeo on retirement mode versus the Big Blue Wave.

We’re looking at another close fight; just like watching a Rocky movie.

Which is your favourite Rocky installment?

Joe – Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

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