No one likes to be linked to a scandal, especially under political spotlight and in Singapore culture.

Strawberry generation

First thoughts – pointing fingers at the G. They are the direct opposition and it’s highly likely that someone from their camp is involved. Everyone is getting desperate these days and someone could have just capitalized on the fact that the victim is teaching.

Second, someone else from other colours. The intention is to create conflicts and make G looks bad.

Thirdly, external influences. They want to screw Singaporeans. Singaporeans are supporting different parties and many don’t realize that external forces want to sabotage Singapore.

Another possibility is coming from the own camp; to create headlines, face time and push the blame to others. If true, this is the lethal poison.

Lastly, if your subscribe to the concept there can be no smoke without fire. Highly unlikely as a report was made.

I hope the culprit will be caught.

Jamie – Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

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