WP Fight Club

With WP playing cards close to their chest, RTSN attempts to guess how WP will play the game in the upcoming GE 2015.

Chief Low Thia Khiang mentioned that the star team will be staying put in Aljunied; let us take a look at possible candidates that will represent the hammers in East Coast GRC, Marine Parade GRC, Fengshan SMC and MacPherson SMC.

Strawberry generation

East Coast GRC and Fengshan SMC

Looking at Daniel’s FB page, it seems that Dennis Tan, Leon Perera, Mohamed Fairoz Shariff along with Daniel Goh and Gerald Giam should be contesting in East Coast.
Strawberry generation
However, we’re also guessing that Daniel might be spearheading Fengshan SMC given his qualities.

Marine Parade GRC and MacPherson SMC

He Ting Ru might be the golden girl of the upcoming GE. She gives us the Rui En vibes…. Awwwwww.

Strawberry generation

Possible MP GRC team headed by Yee Jenn Jong is Terence Tan, Firuz Khan(Geylang Serai background), Dylan Ng , Bernard Tan or He Ting Ru.

Strawberry generation

Strawberry generation

Ting Ru might be placed in MacPherson to have a girl fight with TPL with Dylan also a possible candidate.

Side note:The WP power in Joo Chiat should not be underestimated especially with influence from residents Dennis and YJJ.


Our analysis is based on hearsay, FB and Instagram photos of candidates. As for the rest of the candidates, we’re unable to track them on social media.

Keep a lookout for the potential candidates near you!

May the odds be ever in your favour.


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