Speaking about Speaking – 1st 20 minutes of NDR 

Goooood Morning to all! When we started this blog, we wanted to create awareness among young Singaporeans… We wrote a lot about our political thoughts, perhaps too much and today, Jamie will write about speaking skills.

This is one area where we found Singaporeans lacking and here are some pointers Jamie wants to share:

“I caught the first 20 minutes of NDR speech on YouTube. It started off with an unfamiliar political face Kit Chan. Wow; I didn’t know she can speak so confidently.

RTSN 1st speaking tip: Be confident, be yourself. Starting the speech with errrmmm, my apologies or any pre-amble is a Big NO NO. Kit Chan spoke her mind and spoke smoothly. Her speech was pleasing to the ears and eyes. One cannot deliver a good speech without confidence.

RTSN 2nd speaking tip: Smile. Start the speech with a big wide smile like PM Lee Hsien Loong. No one wants to listen to a grumpy speaker. Smiling can also help you lessen some tensions.

PM is a good speaker but not fantastic (Disclaimer – Honest opinion, nothing against him). However, PM uses killer pauses. RTSN 3rd speaking tip: Use pauses. When delivering his speech, he pauses to allow audience to clap; he pauses effectively when introducing the pioneers. This is an important skill of a good speaker”.

Strawberry generation

Thoughts on NDR2015?

We will keep it simple here. 2 points:

Something for the sandwiched class: Two weeks of leave for fathers, more baby bonuses, housing grant and adjustment of housing ceiling caps.
Yes, there is a need to target the sandwiched class as they are often left out. How about those that missed the 01 Jan 2015 by a couple of months?

Stepping stone: Yes, it is a stepping stone for GE2015. It is definitely an early rally for the upcoming election. If you read about alternate websites whining, don’t give a damn lah. If RTSN is in power, we’ll do everything in our advantage and maintain power. I’ll be shocked if PM don’t leverage on NDR.

Jamie – Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

45 minutes into the speech, Mr LHL added in an anecdote. Wah, don’t play play. Use humor too sia. 

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