Low Thia Khiang’s Hougang

After my post on “I voted George Yeo out in 2011”, I’ve been accused of being a PAP Internet Brigade(IB).

Seriously? Having a different view equates to me being an IB? Come on, don’t be fucking childish. We stay true to why we started this blog; to create awareness and write about our thoughts.

Let me bring to the table insights on Hougang RTSN has been collecting.

Why is Hougang WP’s stronghold?

Residents of Hougang

Many residents from Hougang were previously staying in kampung. As G began cleaning up the kampungs, kampung dwellers were resettled into Hougang.

RTSN gathered that most of them were unhappy that their kampung were taken away and not sufficiently compensated. Thus, voting for LTK is the obvious choice.

Common grounds

Mr Low Thia Khiang speaks fluent Mandarin and Teochew.

There is no language barrier and human beings are naturally comfortable in their mother tongue. LTK is 56 years of age; able to relate to residents of his generation which we assume make up a good 30% of the votes. These common ground allows him to bridge the gap.

Touching residents’ hearts 

RTSN picked this up years ago that LTK gives 50 bucks for every wake he attends. For someone that is willing to attend wakes in his constituency, the battle is already half won.

Hougang residents vote for WP due to chief LTK, the “kar ki lang” factor. This forms part of their beliefs and once the resident believes in LTK, it is hard for them to change.

They don’t care about estate upgrades, missing AHPETC funds; they are clouded by their own beliefs. Tell them the truth and their response is G is behind it.


Hougang still belongs to the blue. For me as an Aljunied resident, I believe casting a spoilt vote is still the one of the option for me.

I am respectful of LTK for all the good I heard but the AHPETC saga really puts me off. 3 auditors audited their accounts and the opening balance is still unknown? Do people even know what Disclaimer of Opinion means? AHPETC appointed auditors had to write Disclaimer of Opinion in their reports.

I’ll end off with a photo I took of LTK when I met him some time back.

Strawberry generation

This time, my vote is either blank or with someone else.

Unless you can give me a satisfactory answer on AHPETC saga.

Joe – and yes, you read it first on RTSN

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  1. Like I posted in your previous entry , do not spoil the vote . It’s very irresponsible to do so. If you’re concerned with the future of Singapore , choose with your head not with your heart. Ask yourself if the other party may give you an alternative .


    • Hi Someone, nope.

      It is not irresponsible at all. RSTN promotes thinking, spoiling vote is one valid option.

      You are right with thinking with your head which we totally agree. G will plan long term but people don’t see that.

      This is also a valid BIGGER picture we’re exploring


  2. Thank you for sharing. Spoiling your vote is your perogative. Personally I would not. My concern is how you plan to spoil your vote. When you leave it blank, you give the opportunity for someone else to cross the box for you. I am not saying that it will happen, It is like leaving your main door unlocked when you leave your home for a holiday and hoping no one comes in to steal your belongings. It is privilege and an entitlement for Singapore Citizens to vote. Each citizen has one vote and it is the voice of that citizen. Your vote speaks volumes. It is a loud YES or a loud NO.. and there is always the third option.. you spoil the vote and nothing is heard..


  3. I feel that by spoiling your vote, you are just leaving the decision to others when you can’t make a choice (between 1 or the other). That does sounds irresponsible to me. For example, when you have to choose which major you want to study, do u make a choice or leave it to the school to assign it to you?
    I also feel you should not “instigate” others to spoil their votes too (your previous article state you will write an article on how to spoil the vote). I know we are suppose to read and make our own decisions but it is still an instigation. WHAT IF these number of votes really translate to a undesired party being chosen and you have to live with it for another 4/5 years?


  4. Well, bankrupting the town council is the Pappies strategy. They did it to opposition members who posed a threat and now to WP as a whole because its a GRC. Withholding the grants is a bloody unethical move mainly to ensure the people in Aljunied suffer. If you as a Aljunied resident say they have not, than WP has delivered. what WP paid the MA is what the PAP wards were paying before 2014 when suddenly all the PAP ward MAs dropped their fees, Everyone wonders why and if you don’t then you are an IB alright – an Idiot Boy


    • Hey Joker, joke is on you as you obviously don’t understand the accounts at all.

      One strategy I believe is Blue will clear the mess come the 9 days.

      To be frank, we don’t give a fuck to what people call us. We are true to ourselves. Majulah Strawberries



  5. Where did you guys get the idea that there are “missing AHPETC funds”? If AHPETC funds are really missing, you (or anyone else making such a serious allegation) should quickly file police report since you contributed to the funds. Otherwise, you (and others making such allegation) have no credibility whatsoever.


    • Hi logic police,

      Do you know what disclaimer of opinion is?

      Anyway, what we can answer is why G is not taking action.

      G cannot fault AHPETC for their incompetencies and admin lapses in maintaining town council.

      G can only take action when there is fraud or criminal activities.

      Thus, the verdict is still out there as the accounts are still in the mess.

      That’s why we believe fixing the accounts is the only way to move on. Do you agree?



      • If your view is that no fraud or criminal activities were committed, then the phrase “missing AHPETC funds” is misleading because it connotes cheating/misappropriation of funds. Messy accounting or admin lapses do not imply that a crime was committed. They may not even imply that the town council is badly managed in the sense that HDB flats are not cleaned or maintained properly, in which case you cannot fault residents/voters for being inclined to think that the Govt/critics are making a mountain out of a molehill and in the process, depriving them of the statutory funds which are overdue.


    • It is not misleading. If you lose your wallet and your money to your carelessness. The police cannot arrest you for fraud. Same logic here, Ahpetc just claimed that they lost the record but without evidence, police cannot arrest anyone.


  6. Disclaimer of Opinion can mean a lot of things. It could also mean the auditors are not able to ascertain the completion of audit, which can be due to many many factors, like potential delay in late handovers, incooperative staffs, the unfamiliarity of both the accounts holder as well as the auditor themselves etc etc etc. So long as there is no proof of fraudulent and severe negligence / misrepresentation, I think we should be objective enough to not let the “seemingly” incapability of the WP to manage a large GRC Town Council to mean that they MUST fail at the national level to serve as the counter-weight against an overwhelming majority in the Parliament.

    If we vote WP out, that proves to show that Singaporeans at large are only too concerned by their own selfish personal interests, but failing to realise that many “bread and butter” issues are really due to national policies passed undeterred, unchallenged in the Parliament, by an overwhelming majority who will pass any laws and bills they deem fit.

    Let me put this very plainly, You vote in PAP, and they give you all the so-called perks, discounts, PA services, better facilities etc etc etc….I do not deny all these are nice things to have for the social community, but the drawback will be, there will be even lesser opposition voices to deter policies like “The population white paper”, the repeatedly increases in CPF Withdrawal limits, the repeated failures of the transport ministry to manage overloaded/under-maintained railway infrastructures……These policies and bills will surely have an impact to our future generations to come. To use a Chinese term, “因小失大“

    Are we to practise our votes based on our personal “whims and fancies”? today I like LTK because he is my “Teo Chew Ah Hia”, therefore I vote him; tomorrow I realise LTK never give me “Ang Paos” so I vote him out. Such is the kind of political naivety that is plaguing majority of my fellow citizens.
    I must say if I am in the shoes of the opposition, having to deal and even woo the masses of political immature voters in order to survive in politics, I wonder who is the opposition scared the most ??
    Will it be The upright “dirty” PAP frontal attacks, or the potential “betrayal” of so-called “luke-warm” opposition voters??

    So what do we say? Since the Govt will simply say we voters give them the “mandate” to rule, so why should we complain?? Because we vote with “stamps stuck onto eyes”?? Doesn’t matter who you vote, let us understand what is the purpose of this political vote, how politics will still eventually affect socio-economic policies and structures, no matter how politically indifferent we are.


  7. It’s up for you to read both sides of the AHPTC saga. Knowing the MSM, they will be jumping on any cracks on the opposition and make a mountain of a molehill. Think of all the past histories of smearing names. Did they ever think they themselves the PAP are credible? It’s all about backdoor GRC now.

    WP has explained. PAP has pushed wider the cracks. AGO found nothing suspicious on AHPTC yet the very same AGO actually reported to the police on certain ministry’s spending. I’ll leave it to you to decide. It’s your prerogative to spoil your vote.

    I feel you have wasted your chance to effect either a change, or stick with the current PAP policies. Putting a spoilt vote brings nothing and gets nothing. Not for yourself, but for future generation.


    • Kaffein

      You are not interested in whether the party in power is correct factually.
      Even if Singapore burns or economy tanks, you will be happy as long as the party in power is out.
      Disclaimer of opinon by WP own auditor is very damning:-

      the main highlights using the quotes
      “The accounts just submitted by the Workers Party are extremely dodgy”.

      Their statement that their position for 2014/2015 and overall position is in surplus is also unverifiable.

      On page 7 of financial report, you can see that NO PAYMENTS have been made to sinking funds.

      The MOST IMPORTANT statement is on page 3, where their own auditors (WP appointed ) said that they have insufficient “appropriate audit evidence to provide a basis for an audit opinion” and therefore “do not express an opinion on the financial position of the town council”.

      Why? Because on Page 2, there is a total of 1.3 million of UNVERIFIABLE numbers. UNVERIFIABLE! Including a dodgy $300,000 ‘reimbursement’ from their CCC!

      No transfer to sinking fund (of over 2 million), unverifiable 1.3 million, 3 million allegedly owed to FMSS – THEY ARE NOT IN A SURPLUS even after MND’s Grant!! THEY ARE NOT!
      EVEN THE OPENING BALANCE IS UNVERIFIABLE according to the auditors!!

      You are not interested in facts even by WP own auditors, you just want the party in power out.

      In accounting terms, i will not invest or do business with such a corporate entity


  8. You have not got a satisfactory answer on AHPETC saga. You are still concerned about ‘Disclaimer of Opinion’…..go find out from LTK or SL. You are a resident there. They are answerable to you.


  9. Joe. You said it right. The opening balance cannot be determined. This means that PAP closing balance could not be determined as they took away the accounting system with AIM. Without the accounting system how are you going to verify the axcounts?


  10. If not wrong , the $2 aim company had removed the computer system when wp won the ward. It really take time , effort and money for wp to create a new system from scratch , !!!


  11. I voted for the WP in the last election too. Fortunately it wasn’t significant to uproot the incumbent. The problem with WP now is that they are using cyber bullies to run and bulldozes their brand now instead of buying us with their plans and inspiration. Just look at how they swarmed all social site try to force their thoughts tells! Which is rather sad for a party who had potential to be better.

    Just urge you to make the right decision for the sake of our nation instead of any party. May the right one get your vote instead of spoiling it.


  12. I shall agree that as a citizen, you do not cheapen your voting rights. Every vote counts. Therefore a spoilt vote actually counts too. In my opinion, casting a spoilt vote can mean one thing: Largely I have confidence in PAP and believe they should be the one governing Singapore. I also not think the Opposition team can do a better job.

    In summary, if the PAP team gets elected with many spoilt votes, it is clear that they do not enjoy a clear mandate and they should improve (Unless they really think the majority don’t know how to vote properly). Hence it can achieve an ideal situation (personal view) of getting the PAP to continue to serve but be sure to improve, yet preventing incompetent Opposition to ride on our dis-satisfaction to get themselves elected.


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