I voted George Yeo out in 2011

Back in 2011, I gave my vote to WP. Why?

As a young adult, I wanted change. Don’t ask me why I wanted change; all I know is change is good. At the back of my mind, a voice is telling me that we need more opposition in Singapore.  I should have given Uncle George Yeo a chance and at least read PAP’s manifesto.

The Blue Wave

On hindsight, the brainchild of WP’s campaigning in 2011 was a genius. No wonder they are “the” opposition.

Messages that targeted the heartstrings:

  • Promising “Checks and Balances” to the government
  • Need for different views
  • Important to have opposition in parliament
  • Star candidates and for once, there are genuine good opposition
  • Labelling PAP as high and mighty, losing touch with the ground

These are simple, straight forward and smart messaging. I particularly like the “Checks and Balances”; it was infectious and resonates well with me. The rest of the messaging goes well with the average Singaporean too.

Rally at Serangoon Stadium

I attended the rally at Serangoon Stadium. It was mind-blowing! I’ve never seen the stadium so packed before.

Strawberry generation

(Photo from Wikipedia)

Couple of days later, images of PAP’s rallies versus WP’s started circulating. : )

4 years later 

Four years later, life is pretty much the same. I’ve never seen any WP MPs on my estate. I don’t hear anything concrete coming from WP in parliament and the AHPETC saga is irritating. Why can’t WP come clean, admit the errors and move on? Don’t they need the grants from Ministry of National Development to maintain the estate?

What should a voter do now?

1)      Flip through the manifesto of parties contesting in your area and think:

  1. Do the proposals make sense?
  2. Are there any long-term plans?

2)      Be objective, don’t be influenced by blogs like RTSN

If you’re feeling like what I’m feeling – White Party is not my ideal choice and the opposition kind of hopeless, you can always spoil your votes. Yes, spoil your votes but do it properly.

Spoil your votes by casting a blank vote.


How to spoil your vote? I’ll get Jamie to do a post on it.

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  1. People voted in opp hoping they can do more and better for Singaporean than the whites. People voted in opp is to pressure the whites. But in the end, who came out the intuitive and ideas? Who is working hard to come up like PG card, Medishield, more buses and trains on the way.

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    • You already mentioned “People voted in opp is to pressure the whites”. PG card, Medishield, more buses and trains, don’t you think it might be the pressure from the opp that makes the whites to do this? I do believe we need some opp in the parliament to give some pressure. Else, we will be forced to do things that are not in our favour


      • Taking care of the elderly and healthcare were never much on the opposition’s cards. Weren’t they always harping about the White Paper? In any case, the whole nation were harping about THE White Paper. and likewise too, isn’t the whole nation was pressurising on transport issues, so shouldn’t we Singaporeans take our own credits, if that’s your argument?

        We lost George Yeo for them. And what did we get? broken recorder with the same old of what Singaporeans themselves can easily argue for.

        We don’t need the oppies to just talk like the average Singaporeans on the street and be a recorder on the same old issues. RIse above kopitiam talk please when you are in parliament.


  2. Spoiling a vote is for uneducated people. Make a choice. Ask yourselves , who or which party can address my future and the future of Singapore better. Opposition is good if at first given the chance and made it the best. I’m not for or against. I just want what’s good for my kids and their future.


    • No, spoiling a vote can also be a legitimate and intelligent choice. Not voting is letting your vote go to waste and is therefore unintelligent. In the previous GE, the contesting parties in my constituency were the PAP and the WP. I do NOT like either. To me voting for the WP is just as bad as voting for the PAP. The only logical choice is therefore to spoil the vote, which was exactly what I did. This time round, WP is not the opposition party in my ward. I can and will cast my vote for the opposition without compromising my views and principles in the coming GE.


  3. When you’re given an opportunity to vote, vote for which party would be better for Singapore (and hence your future). It’s not about the perfect party that lives up to your expectation. Spoiling your vote just says “I can vote but I don’t care because it doesn’t serve ME.”

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  4. Agreed with Joe

    The problem is there is no checks and balances for opposition party members and party itself. WP supporters expect full transparency for actions taken by party in power. Yet they do not apply the same to themselves in AHPETC.

    At the least, they the PAP allowed themselves to be audited and scrutinised the same manner and admit there is areas of improvement with at least documentation.

    The key issue, is that basic fundamentals of no documentation so there is no way to check or verify yet they demand transparency. Is this so called fair ?, it would be opined as hypocrisy.
    Considering that they had 4 years and yet there is still qualifications and adverse opinions or even worse (no opinion earlier) by their 3 auditors including the newest one.
    Further, considering WP wanted to control everything and that was why they decided to terminate the contract of the pre-existing town council management, this was a case of they bringing the problems upon themselves.
    It would be opined that the political operations is more the next door neighbour across the border rather than transparency demanded here.
    So unless you want the operations and politics to be the same across the border with most probably the same economic consequences, would agree with Joe the author opinion on the least worst option of spoilt vote if you cannot agree with the present party in power.


  5. I too voted George out in 2011 and I’ll continue to give my vote to WP, until the day the man in white is genuinely interested in understanding and solving the real problems Singaporeans face, and not just brush them off, like saying cardboard collectors are doing so for exercise.


  6. Nice try, its not that the opposition are not performing, It’s the unethical and cowardly “fixing” that is preventing them. You call the people who created a $2 company and transferred a $23million software just to sabotage the opposition “honest, with integrity and someone you trust”. The list of unethical behavior and down right dishonest action in the past 50 years is endless. So people should still vote for the WP and give them time, its only 4 years. Ask the people in Aljunied and I am one of them, the estate is still maintained and the MPs are there when ever you need them. Drop them a email and you get an almost immediate reply, mind you from the MP and not some PA or assistant. As for you, you’ve never seen a WP MPs on your estate, because they are not allowed into the grassroots organisation where you and the rest of the IB hang out.


  7. I for one, will question the AGO report on PA should any white approach me. I am not ignorant to be fooled by “good intentions” and “no dishonesty” claims. I have seen how the people in the PA have benefited from the abuse of taxpayers money. This is what you call “buying” support.


  8. Vote for our future and next generation and not vote for the opposition just because of emotion during the 10 days campaign. Please look around our neighbour countries, are we ready worst than them or better. If better than them, who is the parties that make it happened. If you visit the FB who gave the negative comments, most of them are foreigners as they may be jealous our achievement and want us to down. Some opposition parties like to use ministerial pay as a topics for the election but they have forgotten that our MPs or ministers have scarified their time with family and friends to serve the countries. If you think there pay is high, can you take their job, let think about it.


    • Hi James, yes – losing out on family time is one big sacrifice. People don’t see it unless they wear their shoes.

      If you feel passionate about your beliefs, do share it within your circle.

      This is also why we want our readers to read up on manifestos


  9. Why the hell would anyone ever want to vote out a government (yes, the PAP is a party but it is also THE ONLY GOVERNMENT SINGAPORE EVER HAD) that has created the most realistic, rational and reliable country in the world today?


  10. Wow! How ignorant, daft & myopic. Voting “current” PAPaya is akin to gambling @MBS n RWS casinos. U r “double” losers allowing rubber-stamping of flawed policies causing massive, brain drain, foreign FTs & Fakers, pain, misery, sufferings & unemployment/underemployment n spiralling cost of living, public housing, hospitals/medical, cars, public transport, utilities, COE, ERP n CPF lock-up! Voting Opposition & WP helped to “Press Reset Button” & Save Our Nation, Our Future & Our People! Right? Lets think about it:)


  11. This comment by onion made me think about the sembawang rc audit. ‘ At the least, they the PAP allowed themselves to be audited and scrutinised the same manner and admit there is areas of improvement with at least documentation.’

    Tonic Oh approved his own claims!!! Sounds so NKF to me. I would have seriously considered voting for them if LHL or KBW had grab him by his balls and thrown him into jail. But KBW just swept it under the carpet. Haiz…



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