Tips on preventing car theft in Malaysia

Wanting to go JB but you’re afraid of your car being stolen? RTSN brings you some tips on preventing car theft in Malaysia:

1)Always park “head in”.

This will reduce the chances of your car being towed away by thefts. Most cars are front wheel drive meaning front wheels give directions and the back wheels follow.

If a car is being towed from the back, this will cause the car to sway left to right when the tow truck is driving off. Hopefully some commotion helps.

2)Perform steering wheel lock

After taking the key out, turn the steering wheel left or right. You’ll feel a tightness in the steering wheel. You’ll need the car key to unlock this internal steering wheel lock.

3)Buy locks

There’re proper locks for steering wheels, gearbox and wheels. Secured the parts with locks.

4)Don’t go Malaysia.

Stay in Sunny Island and watch election drama.

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