Why you should stop buying bread from BreadTalk 

BreadTalk had been repackaging Yeo’s brand soya bean milk and selling them as “freshly prepared” soya milk drink. Someone took a photo of an employee repackaging and the post went viral.

On 06 August, ST ran an article with the header: BreadTalk tries to rise above scandal

“Amid consumer backlash, bakery chain BreadTalk has come out to defend the freshness of its main products – bread, buns and cakes.”

1st thing that came to my mind….. HUH?????

I don’t care about your breads. Tell me about the freaking soya bean. Why was it repackaged and sold as freshly prepared?

Was this approved by higher management? Who are the parties that are responsible? Don’t tell me it’s just a convinent decision and everyone follow suit.

Secondly, ST’a article is crap; seemed like a paid article. Sigh…. This is a perfect example of trying to deflect attention – from repackaging to freshness of bread. Zzzzzzz.

Next ST article on 07 August. BreadTalk gets stern warning from Case

3rd thought: Shouldn’t they be fined?THEY CHEATED!!!!

Strawberry generation

I’ve decided to stop buying bread from BreadTalk. Unless they start bringing soya bean milk back again.

Jamie – Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

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Btw, do you know who drives a Bentley?


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