Copycat, kiss the rat, go home …… 

Hello reader, 

We feel like superstars. YES, the team from Rise of The Strawberry Nation are superstars.

Strawberry generation

All Singapore Stuff ( had to plagiarize our blog title and content from our 1st post(
Wow, why can’t they have the decency to ask?

Strawberry generation  Who the fuck is farhan? Our blog started in May and and this article was submitted in July.

Strawberry generation
And when you copy, at least bother to explain why is it called strawberry generation. Not anyhow write with no link to why the new generation are called strawberries.

Below really no link eh!

Strawberry generation

Never trust ass contributor. You end off with I’m praying? Oh please, so cliche.

A load of rubbish and so called your alternate news site.

Is this the only website with such practices?Perhaps a fatty writing in Australia does the same thing.

Rise of The Strawberry Nation team, 🙂

Visit for more of our idiosyncrasies.


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