Stunned like vegetable – Inderjit Singh versus Ng Eng Hen and the “neutral and independent” site. 

This post contains foul language and singlish. Please leave if you’re not comfortable.

Strawberry generation
What a long title but that’s also summary of this post. On 24 July 2015, Mr Inderjit Singh announced his retirement as MP after the electoral boundaries were released.

Just the day before, he posted on FB that he completed his Mobile-meet-the-people session. His retirement announcement was unexpected and Rise of The Strawberry Nation team wants to commend Mr Inderjit for his hard work even at the last mile.

However, we saw it coming. If you’re staying in AMK GRC, new candidates have been attending community events. White party do have succession plans in place(they are not stupid).

Subsequently on 27 July 2015, Dr Ng Eng Hen criticized the posting of retirement on FB and mentioned that it should be done in a “deliberate and a dignified manner”. Although no names were mentioned …. It’s targeted at ……

Woah, wait.

We are in year 2015 right? It’s perfectly fine to use FB as THE platform of announcement captain my captain. Talk about living in a bubble. Jesus Christ. That’s our take on the retirement announcement via FB.

Going onto my next point, the alternate news sites. This is juicy news and they started speculation about internal rivalry and party disharmony. Good effort.

I wanna curse STR first for blocking me from commenting on their FB page. Why? Can’t handle my comments?

Also, STR mentioned that they are a neutral and independent site. WTF!!!!!!! Seriously???? The site is obviously anti-G. I’m completely fine with that so just state, “Against the G”

Strawberry generation
This fat arse writing in Australia has the audacity to say it is a NEUTRAL site? I am indeed stunned like vegetable.

So moving on, Dr Ng comments were definitely news worthy. So, is there disharmony in the White faction? YES! And it’s the same everywhere lah.

NSP has it, resulting in many members leaving. Any organization bound to have friction among employees and certain employees are more vocal.

This case was distasteful done but don’t read too much.

It’s like children that got into a fight. They’ll be playing again soon.

Good sport Mr Inderjit.

Joe – Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

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