WP’s Brightest Cat in the Bag?

WP is the established opposition, the party with mechanisms in place.

It was reported that the party will be contesting in five SMCs and five GRCs on 26 July 2015. That’s 28 out of 89 seats of the cherry pie!

Is the target of 1/3 the stepping stone for future glory?

Who are the new candidates that will be fielded?

Let us start with Dr Daniel Goh Pei Siong. Rise of the Strawberry Nation team believes he is a credible opposition and the party’s Star of 2015.

Strawberry generation

(Photo from Dr Daniel’s FB)

According to wp.sg, Dr Daniel is an Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, NUS. He has been a supporter since 1988 and started helping in the 2011GE.

He is currently assisting Mr Chen Show Mao for his Meet-the-People sessions and Ms Lee Li Lian in grassroots. He is also the president of the youth wing.

Plenty of ground work has been done and this gave him face time.

Dr Daniel is not the typical Roy or Triple-H opposition. He is able to relate to the youth and his posting on social media makes sense.

I particularly like his thoughts on Singapore Model Parliament(FB post), valid and straight to the point. Good to read refreshing perspectives from the opps camp.

He also seized the opportunity to poke and give a 20/20 hindsight on the Battle of Cardboards.

He thinks out loud at https://www.facebook.com/danpsgoh

Will be interesting if he is deployed to a SMC.

I’m also curious on how will he answer the black hole of AHPETC S&CC funds.

Eliz – Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

Visit https://www.facebook.com/RiseofTheStrawberryNation for more of our idiosyncrasies.


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