Thoughts on my mum returning to the workforce

Recently, my mum(in her mid 50s) returned to the workforce as a cashier of a bakery. It was a decision that caught my family off guard.

She simply mentioned that she wanted to work again. $7.00 an hour, her working hours are from 12pm-7pm, Mon to Fri.

During her first week, she completed a full shift from 8am to closing. She also had to deal with cranky customers.

As her elder child, it feels strange that she decided to return to work. My sister and I are giving her monthly allowance; there is no valid reason for her to resume working.

Strawberry generation
Should I be responsible that my aging mum needs to work? Filial piety kicks in.

Is this due to the Singapore environment we’re in? Working till an older age is inevitable?

Something the strawberry generation needs to recognize?

Just some random disjointed thoughts. She did not compete secondary school education but put me through university. I believe many Singaporeans are wearing the same shoes.

As I pen down my thoughts, the image of us having Zi Chat dinner last night surfaced.

Just a simple dinner with loved ones.


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