#Fangirl Club – Minister Tan Chuan-Jin 

Any #fangirls of Minister Tan Chuan-Jin out there?

The army guy that was revealed as a candidate in GE2011, just who is he?

1) Anchor minister of Marine Parade GRC – every GRC has a minister in charge and he is the “head”.

ESM Goh Chok Tong might be stepping down soon. GE 2015 is rumored to be his last battle thus TJC is next in line to lead.

2) MP/GRA of Kembangan Chai Chee(KCC). He oversees this division.

Why TJC fangirl club?

1) He is an auntie killer. Aunties (age group 45-54) love him. Feedback we got, he speaks well and he is cute.

2) Young working adults that follow the local political scene started this fangirl thingy. Okay, partly because no other more yandao guy in local politics.

strawberry generation

What is he advocating for?
1) Help for low-income families and to break poverty cycle/early intervention. Chai Chee area has blocks of rented flat; Singaporeans staying there really need assistance.

He spoke passionately about wanting to help poorer families. It pains him when he recalled the case whereby a young pregnant resident with 3 children requested help from him.

Work in progress:

– There are free meal distribution in KCC in partnership with Willing Hearts (http://www.willinghearts.org.sg)

– Free tuition once every week

– Getting more non Chinese volunteers

For someone that wears his heart on his sleeve, it’s disheartening to see him being flamed so much online.

Yes, the Battle of the Cardboard saga might not be very appropriate but what’s disgusting is netizens making comments about his parents.

Wah piang eh…. basic rule, wanna attack, attack him. Don’t play parents lah.

And don’t undermine the good work that he has done.

Fangirls, help to spread this post to support him! #TJCfangirl


(Photo from his FB)

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