Tin Pei Ling – Impressive ….

Tin Pei Ling! TPL!

With GE2015 looming, candidates worthy of news value will be under heavy scrutiny.

Tin Pei Ling is one of them.

Interesting character. Heavily criticized during GE2011, she was one of the reasons why Singaporeans voted against White.

4 years later, did White made the right choice to field her?

My team went down to Macpherson and was surprised by our findings. We were told that she was very popular in her ward and it turned out to be true.

Most of the residents(25 in total) we spoke to know who she is and spoke positively about her.

Joe spotted her walking from MacPherson MRT station and saw an elderly lady hugging her. Tin PL spent around 10 minutes talking to her.

As she moved on, another lady with a child also paused and chatted with them for a couple of minutes.

Joe also noticed that a lorry driver waved to her from his vehicle. This was a consistent sight with the rest of the people she met.

It’s pretty mind blowing. We have never seen such warm reactions from residents in any wards. You might think we’re making this up. So, try to catch her around MacPherson as seeing is believing. It’s “unbelievable”.

TPL did her homework and we gave an A Star! As a full time MP, she definitely accomplish one of her goals, to connect with residents.

Oh, we did not mention her bump.

Yes, TPL is pregnant. Our sources told us it’s a boy! Anyway, how this pregnancy will affect her campaigning is another question.

strawberry generation

With elections rumored to be scheduled in the early part of Sep, how would things turn out?

Would MacPherson still be part of Marine Parade GRC? Hint hint*

How would voters view her in GE2015?

Something tells me she got her bullets ready this time. And she fucking hate orange. Lol.

She deserves a 2nd chance.


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