Perception versus Reality

Karung guni, cardboard collectors. What is your perspective of them? Poor? Unable to make ends meet?

What we perceived might not be the reality. Minister Tan Chuan-Jin posted on his Facebook page today that he managed to speak to elderly cardboard collectors at Jalan Besar area.

His post says it all. These uncles and aunties have been in this job since they were 17. Some of them like the flexibility. Thus, they continue to work.

I agree that it’s hard work and as they grow older, it is harder for them to work. I do hope that they have sufficient savings for old age. Personally, I do not want such a job.

There are 3 take away messages. Firstly don’t judge and secondly look in others perspective.

They are in their own way making a living. You and I might look at them with a disgusted look or wonder why are they still working. Good thing that someone from the G is looking into it. They definitely need more help and I hope Minister Tan can spearhead the assistance.

Minister Tan is also braving the storm as naysayers are “attacking” him on FB. I do not see this as an issue and it really cringe me to find that people are criticizing him.

The reason? He is white at heart.

Third take away message is to understand the whole picture. Jalan Besar collectors do not equate to the whole of Singapore. That’s why the haters are happy.


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