Asian Culture Takes On Western Influences Head On?

Coming from a neighbourhood school, I was constantly reminded by my parents that I need to save for rainy days and money should not be spent loosely. I was taught to look after my younger brother, be humble. I witnessed how my parents treat their parents and the elder family members with respect and filial piety.

This is the environment I grew up in. Asian culture and values moulded my generation.
Is G being the parent with strong Asian values?

The parent that has an invisible shield over the child. The parent that watches the child like an eagle as the child begins her/his first few steps. The parent that is always providing for the child, planning for the future. The conservative Asian approach.

Comparing to our Western counterparts, the ang moh child will play and fall and the parent will just pick them up. The ang moh child will leave home at an early age and practice independence. They’re left on their own to crash and burn. Let’s call it the liberal approach.

To me, G is the Asian parent. This parent has many children. The older ones have similar beliefs and values. The few younger ones, heavily influenced by Western culture are resenting the Asian values. G has also the middle child that is suffering from middle child syndrome.

G is locking up our CPF monies for retirement. Just like how my parents lock up my pocket monies to prevent me from buying excessive “My Little Pony”. Just remember, Singapore is an Asian country.


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