Strawberries, SNOC and 28th SEA Games

Life in SG is like trying to buy a perfect box of strawberries.

No matter how you choose, there’re bound to have some spoilt ones.

Some bruised, some a little greenish.

Even if you found a box of flawless red strawberries, there’ll be a rotten one hiding beneath.

No one is perfect, the G as well. SNOC screwed up the seating for the closing ceremony of 28th SEA Games big time.
I believed the reasons were

1)insufficient training/management of volunteers and officials for crowd control

2)too dark to see the assigned seats

3)people sat all over the place due to the assignment of area I.e. as ticket holders can sit from row 23-30.

If I’m part of the crowd that got directed to the wrong gate and eventually got turned away, I will KPKB. I’ll definitely f* LW and team.

Just don’t blame everything on G lah.

G recognizes that they need to change, they need to improve.

They also need to know that fundamentally, many things are wrong.

They can’t afford to screw up again so close to D-Day. Maintaining silence is a good strategy but not to be used often.


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  1. To have directive from one main head and do more preparations to anticipate unforeseen circumstances…
    On the whole Good Job…!!!


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