Local T£Cs

It’s coming to midnight on a Tuesday and I’m feeling like a Friday. 2 days of work has drained so much of me.

Anyway, my boss told me that in order to move up the ladder, you need to “read between the lines”. Words of wisdom….. And so:

Local T£Cs will only kick in during a fight when:

a)a person is seriously injured or has a broken nose or some bones broken

b)the person involved is a taxi driver, children or elderly.

Woah!?!? Taxi drivers have such a privilege? Interesting. Perhaps this should be made clearly to them so some will stop bitching about G.

Anyway, the bottom line is if you wanna fight, don’t break a bone. Bruise can liao.


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  1. I am not sure….but to me the G is looking after all sectors of work…
    We can complain anytime and sooner or later it will be taken care of.


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