Amos Yee’s Banana

While promoting my blog, a resident of Siglap asked me, shouldn’t your blog be called the banana nation or generation?

Yes Amos, you’ve pulled a fast one.

“If you cannot think because you cannot chew, try a banana” – Lee Kuan Yew

I still prefer strawberry cos more atas.


Strawberry generation

Visit for more of our idiosyncrasies.


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  1. i think the oppositions are posing with bananas. quite hilarious in fact. it is just silly to think that by dominating social media, they can beat the incumbent Govt. i think the silent majority are the stronger supporters. oh wells… come GE we will see.


  2. My 2cents worth i that Amos doesnt warrant my time at all….
    “Anak abu” trying to make a big fire.
    Play majong is a better use of my time.


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