CNA reported that a teenager has been arrested under the ISA for terrorist related ideologies on 27 May 2015. There is also another separate arrest in the month of May.
It is of no surprise that the ideologies of ISIS has infiltrated Southeast Asia, especially Islamic countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.

ST also reported on 29 May 2015(in one short sentence) that ISIS was targeting the Sembawang Naval Base, militants could attack by sea.

Potentially, there’re 700 fighters from Indonesia and 200 from Malaysia.

Back to the combined 900 fighters that was reported, I fear that the numbers might be deflated. If we’re pause and think for a moment, what this means is the fighters will return back to their counties in due course and break loose.

I certainly do not wish to be on a Bali holiday or KL trip when there is an incident happening.

In a worst case scenario, there will be a sea attack at Sembawang although the possibility is low.

Is this a case of low probability but high consequence?

Or it is a case of high probability, low consequence?

We must never take our safety and national security for granted. We’re safe today does not equate to a safe Singapore in the future.

And this is also why we spend so much of our budget on defense.

#ISIS #NationalSecurity #SafeSG


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  1. Our former leaders were wise enough not to take peace for granted. We must ĺive in social harmony with all races religions and people. Only when we are one can we have the strength to protect our motherland no matter where the strike will be coming from.
    Must inculcate good values in our future generations. Habits start from young.


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