Why Strawberry?

Strawberries need conducive environment to grow, plenty of care and bruise easily.

The new generation of Singaporeans are protected by their parents, most of them unable to withstand hard work and are termed spolit, arrogant.

The generation wants change, they want to be heard, they want things their way. And so, this is the problem G is facing.

Can this strawberry generation lead SG? Or is the end is near?

My blog aims to address issues that this generation is facing and also to poke fun at certain issues.

Be a good strawberry. #SGIssues #RiseOfTheStrawberryNation



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  1. It is true that we are spoilt and in turn a bit more lazy but there’s always a pro to every con. Though we are spoilt and in this case makes us unwilling to put in hard work, but it allows us to think of ways to use the minimum effort to have a tremendous effect. 🙂


    • not everyone thinks that way. most just want to do the bare minimum and leave it as that. i don’t think you could call it lazy, but more like “i just want to do what i’m paid to do, what my job description states”.

      seldom employers these days are looking for such workers who have no value added to the job process, those who do not innovate.

      the key is to become efficient (lesser effort but equal returns) as you put it. but seldom there is the case where you get a tremendous effect unless you’re playing poker at high stakes.


  2. Agreed, The strawberries of Singapore will not able to withstand any forms of hardship. If there is war [touch wood], the only form they may prove to be of any use, will be at their keyboards.


  3. truly agree that the G are too protected and they have everything they want ask by asking..
    Hard to gauge what’s minimum effort with tremendous effort.. Coz tendency is to give up easily before reaching the goals at the next step.
    I like the fact that some famous dads brought their children to see the life and hardship of other ppl by going through the same daily life to get the experience and appreciate what they have today does not come easy. Of coz the moms are welcome to do so either.. To do this on a large scale is not easy.. Probably a kind of media program (not the purpose to glorifying our govn so that ppl will KT think this is propaganda) to teach the new G.


    • Hey Stephen, this is one argument. However, I do not agree that they give up easily.

      On your point on character moulding, it is a valid point. I feel it boils down to the values of parents.

      There are many hopeless parents in Singapore.


  4. I am fm the post war generation. We were at a vulnerable stage. The country is poor…on one wants us….and we were fighting literally from all sides…so we became tough and resìlient. Our children somewhat do benefit a little from our experience.
    Coming to the Strawberry kids….my personal opinion is not to underestimate them. They might appear soft selfish and weak but survival of oneself will bring out the best in all of us…

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