Edwin Tong, Hero or Villain? 

EDWIN Tong must be feeling the heat. City Harvest verdict is the talk of the town – Kong Hee and Serena Wee (hur hur) in particular but Edwin Tong’s name has surfaced. Edwin is the defense lawyer for City Harvest Church, Member of Parliament (Joo Chiat) and also member of the ruling party. 

If you want to read more about Edwin Tong, why not read his speech on means testing 

“I look at it not based on morals, but on legal standards.” 

Mothership rehashed an interview with Edwin Tong from 2015. Here’s a paragraph from the article mentioning City Harvest:  

“My perspective (for picking up the case) was, it’s the job I do — I act for a variety of people. So some may regard him (Kong Hee) to be immoral, but I’m not there to look after his morals, I’m there to look after whether he’s guilty or not of an offence. And that’s my job.” 

Is Edwin Tong wrong?

As a working adult, I gave my weekday nights to my company. How many times have I caved in to overtime, just to complete one last query from a customer. On most weekdays, I don’t even get to see the evening sun. 

Those in PR and marketing services may relate better. For instance, an inferior product, XYZ coffee needs to be marketed. Your firm is being paid to market the product. As the head of the marketing department, what will you do? A campaign for this product is required, regardless you like it or not.

Is there a need to enjoy that particular brand of coffee? Or must I be a coffee drinker? 

When called upon in our professional capacity, our role is to do our job. We want to bring the dough home. Do we have the right to fault Edwin Tong on the City Harvest verdict? 

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Cover photo source: Edwin Tong’s Facebook Page 


Game Over for Mr Tan Cheng Bock 

IS Mr Wee Kim Wee (WKW) the first Elected President (EP) of Singapore? Or was it Mr Ong Teng Cheong?

More importantly, is Mr Tan Cheng Bock (TCB) eligible to run for president this year? In his press conference on 31 March 2017, Mr Tan questioned about open elections and whether Mr Ong Teng Cheong is the first EP. 

All these are insignificant as TCB is not eligible to run for president. 

The change in qualifying criteria is to ensure that only qualified personnel are eligible to run for president. We don’t want another Tan Kin Lian or John Smith to appear. With that said, TCB was not in the most senior executive position during his private sector stint, effectively ruling him out of the 2017 race. Further, the Constitutional Amendment Bill has already been passed in Parliament – see below

Constitution Amendment Bill (2016) states it as such:

An election for the office of the President is reserved for a community if no person belonging to that community has held the office of President for any of the 5 most recent terms of office of the President.

On the other point, is Mr WKW the first EP? Here’s what we found. Mr Wee Kim Wee exercised the powers of the Elected Presidency for about two years – Nov 1991 to Sep 1993.

Article 163(1) of the Constitution states that the then incumbent president – namely, President Wee – “shall exercise, perform and discharge all the functions, powers and duties conferred or imposed upon the office of President by the Constitution as amended by [the 1991 Constitution (Amendment) Act], AS IF HE HAD BEEN ELECTED to the office of President by the citizens of Singapore…”

What the AGC did was to take into account that Mr Wee Kim Wee exercised the powers of an Elected President. He is thus considered the first EP. Using simple maths – WKW, OTC, SR Nathan, SR Nathan, Tony Tan, the next PE is reserved for a person from a minority race. 
Forget about Mr Tan Cheng Bock. The question now is who will run for the Elected President? 

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Which MP Legit Football Fan ah?

If you are an English Premier League (EPL) football fan, you would know that this season has been a topsy turvey one with 5 teams trying to chase after the unstoppable Chelsea. So it has become interesting with the fans as well as soccer bookies when Chelsea lost and Tottenham won, reducing the gap from 1st and  2nd team to only 7 points.

Lead me to to think if our MPs also follow football in their hectic lives of community events and parliamentary events. Coz last season when Lay-ches-ter City (Leicester City) won, some MPs were quick to use the victory to score some political points for themselves.

Please read about it in Political Mileage.

Then of course when Joseph Schooling won, more MPs used it to score political mileage even though they may have never stepped into a pool in their lives.

You can read about it in Political Mileage (Joseph Schooling edition).

Speaking of Joseph Schooling, he is a Chelsea fan!

Words can't describe the feeling of being at Stamford Bridge!! Thank you @chelseafc for the hospitality 😊

A post shared by Joseph Schooling (@josephschooling) on

Taking over his place… not like Chelsea needs him anyway hahaha 😂😂

A post shared by Joseph Schooling (@josephschooling) on

So…who are the MPs who are legit EPL fans?

  1. Melvin Yong – Everton

So anyway, it looks like MP Melvin Yong is from Tanjong Pagar GRC is a legit Everton fan! He posts quite consistently about his team, even watching them live when they were in Singapore.

2. Tan Chuan Jin – Liverpool

Then looks like the Army Minister is a legit Liverpool fan! I say so becoz of the following post. Anyone who meets Man Utd Legend David Beckham and still say he Liverpool fan must have balls of steel.

3. Shanmugam – Arsenal

When he is not whacking opposition or scolding our neighbours, I suppose Saturday nights are reserved for this self-proclaimed “long suffering Arsenal fan”. So now we know he is not a happy man on Monday morning when Arsenal loses.

So which other MP you know is a legit football fan?

Mr Teh Terik

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<Featured Image Credit: Tan Chuan-Jin FB Page>

Movie Review: The Passenger 

Panda: “Hey, have you watch this movie, ‘The Passenger’.”

Joe: “What movie is that?”

Panda: “Who act ah. The hunger games girl, Jennifer Lawrence.”

Joe:”What about it?”

Panda: “It is about a time when everything on earth is so advanced that people start migrating to other planets.”

Joe: “Okay …..”

Panda: “But the fucked up thing is that there’s only 4 people acting. Cheapo movie.”

Panda:” So, this group of people are on board a spaceship and for some reason, this guy woke up. He realized that he is 99 years away from reaching the planet. Everyone is sleeping. As you sleep, you don’t age.”
Joe: “This fella must have woke someone up.”

Panda: “Yeah, the guy woke Jennifer Lawrence up.”

Joe: “Okay. And without giving away spoilers, they fell in love and the story continues ….”

Panda:” Yup. This is like the standard 2 person stuck on an island love story but in this case, a spaceship. To me, it does not matter whether you are on a spaceship or in a country, the process of finding love is the same, it’s how you use it.”

Do you agree with Panda’s review? 

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By right, grassroots leaders or GRLs for short are suppose to bring the people and government closer, gather feedback from residents, implement the government’s social programmes and help to explain gahmen policies to residents to the best of their ability.

By left, these GRLs are seen to be lackeys to their MPs. Instead of gathering feedback or sharing gahmen policies, they angkat their MP’s balls by bringing them food and making sure the residents don’t ask their MPs inconvenient questions.

If these GRLs were supervisors in their workplace, do they also angkat their bosses’ balls and take credit for their employees’ work? Dunno lah, just food for thought.

Last year, Mr Teh Terik wrote a piece about them.

Inconclusive but then again, they are back in the news recently! The Hammer Party’s Gerald Giam recently posted a picture of a door hanger recruiting volunteers and highlighting the benefits.

Then Hammer Party hit a home run with their spoof of the door hanger and taking the opportunity to do recruiting also. Some more they kena more than 1,000 likes and love on this posts when they hardly even hit 200 likes in their last few posts.

But why GRLs always kena hantam. Sometimes scammers also pretend to be GRLs. Could it possibly be the power and trust they hold? Coz I think some residents do think of their GRLs as an extension of the gahmen, coz gahmen cannot be everywhere mah.

Of course, People Association have to come up with a statement but wah lau, sounds like a what a corporate communications executive will put out. No picture some more.

Neber mind, I help PA do their job.

While I cannot deny that some GRLs are assholes who only care about goodie bags and carry MP’s balls (lady MP how ah?) while feeling so shiok standing so close to their MPs. There are good ones out there who really give their time to serve community.

For example…

Anyway, I noticed that some of the MPs do take the opportunity to appreciate their GRLs alka volunteers especially Dr Maliki Osman and Joan Pereira. Definitely not wayang coz their appreciation is quite consistent. 

Also, the army Minister Tan Chuan Jin also emphasised that it takes a whole Kampong including GRLs to help the vulnerable groups. By the way, click on the article and see the last paragraph of this gahmen newspaper, formatting error some more. Cannot make it lah!

Another army Minister Ng Chee Meng also gave a shout-out to his GRLs.

Then I think these GRLs also got do strategic planning one based on the work plan seminar. But how come the grassroots events always the same one ah? Copy and paste work plan ah?

Last words from Mr Teh Terik to the Fengshan GRLs. Dun bodoh kambing lah! If wanna recruit, do properly like this one.

RC Volunteer Recruitment

And if you all can, screen volunteers properly and find quality ones like Ms Azizah Mohamed Noor, Single mum with 4 kids finds time to volunteer.

Hero volunteers

So you decide…Grassroots Leaders or Grassroots Lackeys?

Mr Teh Terik

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Colon Cancer and a Crush

COLON cancer took away the lives of two of my friends. The recent one was my Junior College (JC) school mate. He was my JC crush. He was only 32. A tinge of sadness struck.

That part of your life where you go to school, hoping to get a glimpse of that someone. Walking past a certain classroom to see if he’s there. Pretending to do sports just because he is playing soccer. The face kept appearing in my head. 

How has life treated him after we graduated? 

Life is fragile. Life is precious. Life is full of choices. 

Some choose to waste their time, living day to day aimlessly. 

Some have no time. Fighting every second to live to the fullest.

But there is still a choice. 

A choice to live the way you want – no regrets. No one will judge your decision. Remember. It is your choice.

Rest In Peace.


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Amos Yee and the magic 30 

AMOS YEE. The quiet boy in school. Your regular classmate. Teachers never expect him to become a dissident. What happened to this boy?

And yes, he has been granted asylum in US. What’s next?

This decision is not cast in stone. US Department of Homeland Security has 30 days to file an appeal. The decision will become final (by 24 Apr 2017) if an appeal is not filed.

It seems likely that his application will go through.

This means that we will be hearing more from this boy.

With that being said, there is only so much those from Amos’s camp can do. Funds will run out and how many of them are willing to continuously throw money and feed his cause?

As he grows older, the downside may become more evident. Returning back to Singapore is not going to be a piece of cake – he is going to miss many family events in Singapore 😦

He needs to make a living – how much can he make from dissing Singapore? Who will still be interested in this boy?

Life in US awaits Amos, and I wish him all the best. The hate speeches should stop.


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